Many mothers have been asking about postpartum support products.  In my quest to find the best, I found Marena garments to be superior.  They are medical grade, have fabric that wicks away moisture and are antibacterial.  They can be worn after a normal birth or a surgical birth for abdominal support.  They are helpful to provide support for the torso and abdominal muscles, helping you to get back to normal a little sooner :)  (And they feel great!  I have one the company gave me to try out!)  They are the world’s leading compression garment manufacturer.  Listed as a Class 1 medical device.  Made with 51% Tactal Nylon and 49% Soft Lycra, they offer power and stretch.  The eleasticity mimics the skin and adjusts to the body’s natural movements.  Durable, patented interlocking knit design allow it to last and last.  The anti-microbial fabric protects against growth of any bacteria and eliminate odors.  No latex, silicone or formaldehyde is in the fabric.  Below are the two models I felt would be the most wanted for postpartum mamas.

 Post Pregnancy Abdominal Binder  $65.00

PPGS Product-Image (2)

Contour Couture full thigh length body shaper  $118.30

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