These articles provide information that will help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth.

Nutrition for Prevention:

Brewer Diet for pregnancy
Nutrition Worksheet
Vitamin D in pregnancy & lactation

Vitamin K deficiency syndrome in newborns-information about Vit K supplements:

Vitamin K handout from Evidence Based Birth

The Vitamin K Issue:  to inject or not to inject

The Oral Vitamin K alternative
Medscape article about oral Vit K

Your baby's growth and development:

Week by Week

Delayed cord clamping:

Research Article I
Research Article II


CIMS Fact Sheet on Inductions

Cesarean Fact Sheet:

CIMS Cesarean Fact Sheet

Eating and drinking in labor:

Article I
Article II


Henci Goer Epidural Article

Newborn Eye Prophylaxis:

Does your baby need it?

Group Beta Strep (GBS) information:

Information I
Information 2
Alternatives 1
Alternatives 2

Hepatitis B vaccination in newborns:

Fact Sheet

Do you have a mother/baby friendly hospital?:

CIMS Fact Sheet
Rights of a Childbearing Woman

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy:

Things to try

Prenatal Exercises:


Varicosities (Vulvar, hemorrhoids, legs):

Natural Remedies

Dr. Jack Newman's breastfeeding handouts:

Breastfeeding and other foods
Blocked Ducts and Mastitis
Starting out right
Cabbage Leaves and Herbs
Candida Protocol
Protocol to Increase Milk

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